Bringing Mixed Reality to any Environment.

2Sync specializes in creating innovative and immersive Extended Reality (XR) experiences that synchronize real and virtual worlds. Our Software Development Platform for space-independent, procedurally generated XR applications extends the reality of every user. We can intelligently overlay or attach the physical world with virtual information, enabling entirely new applications: from Virtual to Augmented Reality and all in between - we implement true Mixed Reality!


Let's break the barriers between real and virtual worlds!

There is a gap! By excluding reality in VR applications, the technology cannot realize its full potential – especially in business use. VR applications with free movement, physical interaction, multi-user capabilities and low entry barriers (esp. without motion sickness and risks of collision) are not cost-effective and scalable to implement. Equally AR applications can only generate full added value with environmental awareness. 2Sync takes the next step in both worlds by breaking down the limitations and connecting all of reality with virtuality – enabling truly Mixed Reality. Powered by our 2Sync SDK, we feature the first Software Development Kit to synchronize the physical and virtual world. This enables us to deliver XR applications in a cost-efficient and scalable way – and delight users with physical interaction and movement in the real world, higher immersion, avoided motion sickness and longer usage times. Enterprises can become one of the first to offer physical XR experiences and ensure undivided attention, achieve higher user penetration rates and increase willingness to pay. And all of this in any environment – completely space independent.

Our difference

We are dedicated to novel & enhanced immersive XR applications.


Physical interaction without predefined environments

Users can interact with the physical objects in their environment, allowing them to actively incorporate them into the virtual experience. Without predefined environments like in location-based VR experiences.


Natural movement & multiple users without risks

Users can move naturally in the virtual and real world without fear of injury. Not just alone; multiple users can interact in an environment at the same time and be synchronized with each other.


Higher user acceptance & faster adaptation

The movement and interaction reduces triggers of motion sickness. User acceptance increases and technology adaptation time decreases.

Our engine room

Our 2Sync SDK facilitates cutting-edge house scale XR experiences

Our applications are based on the in-house developed 2Sync SDK. The SDK allows us to describe space independent applications that are experienced in an infinite number of environments. This enables us to provide an immensely precise spatial registration of users and objects; the virtual world starts to feel real.

2Sync was initially developed as part of a research project at the renowned Hasso Plattner Institute in Germany in 2019 and has already been used in various applications. The four following steps represent the core capabilities of the SDK and allow the integration of the real and virtual world.


Description of virtual objects

2Sync SDK allows assigning material properties and logical relationships to virtual objects to match them with physical objects.


Scan of real environment

Using a lightweight built-in tool users can scan their physical environment in just a few simple steps.


Procedural generation of virtual worlds

The SDK applies the room-independent description of virtual experiences and creates procedurally generated worlds in the user's environments in real-time.


Physical interaction & multiple users

One or several users can register and calibrate in the environment, allowing them to move freely in space and interact with objects with high precision.


Incredible partners from 2Sync

MediaTech Hub Accelerator
XR Bootcamp
Meta / Oculus
HPI School of Entrepreneurship

Application scenarios arise in a wide variety of industries

In cooperation with industry and research partners, we already discussed a wide variety of application scenarios. Whether reality-based virtual trainings, mixed-reality production lines or new forms of collaboration in Augmented Reality: 2Sync makes it possible to rethink XR. Enclosed you find several examples of implementations in different industries.



Mixed-reality production lines that virtually integrate manufacturing steps



Novel entertainment offerings, e.g. in a reality-based metaverse



Training simulations in real-world scenarios, e.g. mass panic events



Collaborative engineering with physical interaction on components



Personalized inspections of show houses; virtual home staging



Resurgence of historical scenes through virtual integration of destructed objects

Environment before the 2Sync scan Environment after the 2Sync world generation
Meet the team

The founders behind 2Sync

We break the boundaries of XR with the 2Sync SDK since 2019 with the aim to deliver innovative and immersive applications. Since our launch after the research project we offer companies the implementation of outstanding XR applications and software developers the right tools to realize their projects. We are always driven by the goal of merging real and virtual worlds to generate the highest potential of the technology for companies, developers and end users. In addition to our amazing team, we can always rely on additional resources in the areas of design, development as well as marketing in order to implement large-scale projects smoothly. And we are also always happy to welcome new team members!

Moritz Loos

Co-Founder: Technical Perspective

Julian Zietemann

Co-Founder: Business Perspective

Maybe You?

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Tech Demo: Want a taste of the future?

Experience House Defender in the Oculus App Lab now!

Unfortunately we can’t talk about every project, but still you should be able to test one of our Mixed Reality applications! That’s why you can download House Defender for Oculus Quest 1 & 2 as well as for the Oculus Pro.

Together we can change XR

Would you like to experience and implement XR experiences as well? We are always pleased to discuss possible application scenarios in your context and will get back to you as soon as possible!